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Thousands to Attend Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral in the Metaverse

First and Only Metaverse Tribute Space Created to Pay Respects to the Queen

London expects nearly two million people to line the streets during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral to pay their respects, mourn and remember the Monarch. Another estimated 4.2 billion will tune into the televised service. But what about people across the UK and the world who also would like to attend the funeral and have a memorable way to honour the Queen along with others who loved and admired her? A new Metaverse Tribute Space has launched to enable people to do just that.

Created by Memory Museum platform, Memtell, the Queen Elizabeth II Metaverse Tribute space allows for thousands of people around the globe to meet, watch the livestream of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral together, and connect with others through their collective love and respect for the Queen.

In partnership with Legacy, an open-source project that preserves space on the Internet forever using Web3 technology, the space will also serve as a Time Capsule to collect tributes, images, and memories about the Queen, with the aim to become the largest online Memory Museum for Queen Elizabeth II so that her legacy will continue for generations.

Mourners can experience the 100% free platform on their mobile device, desktop, laptop or even in VR if they choose. The creators are dedicated to making this a safe space, appropriate for all ages, religions, backgrounds and more. The page will be continuously monitored to ensure the environment remains positive and comfortable for all.

Just as numerous media outlets have reported the immense community and camaraderie that the queue and the events leading up to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral have created, so will this Tribute Page, where participants can be different ages, races, genders and from different walks of life but can stand next to each other with a shared purpose: to remember the Queen.

Jonothan Birkett, CEO of Memtell, created the space after his parents lamented that they were unable to take part in the Queen’s funeral due to the amount of people and length of queue, as well as the travel required to get to London. “I realised we could take our technology and create something special where people can meet from anywhere in the world to celebrate and watch the funeral as well as give tribute to Queen Elizabeth,” Birkett explains.

While the Metaverse is currently primarily used for gaming and entertainment, the Queen Elizabeth II Tribute page is what Birkett hopes can be an example of how the Metaverse can connect people through social history and memories as well.

“Funerals are places where mourners come together to honour the departed, tell stories, and share memories. It’s highly interactive and an important way to grieve,” Birkett continues. “This platform will allow people to do that for Queen Elizabeth.”

Click Here to Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Tribute Page.

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